Connection & Authentication Manager.

The design of the PetroGrid Platform leverages your enterprise's infrastructure and supports a multi-user environment. By supporting your enterprise’s Active Directory and Kerberos protocol for access management, our platform is able to validate users and their data access credentials whether they are connected over the intranet or VPN and whether our applications are deployed on the cloud or on-premise. This design ensures that your enterprise’s security policies are preserved and that user authentication and managing credentialed data access remain streamlined.

Session Management.

The PetroGrid Platform's Session Management technology enables end users to personalize their data views with modifications to data query parameters, search criteria, units of measure, and visualization settings. With the ability to dynamically configure, save, and resume sessions across different devices, our solutions enable end users to be extremely productive and meet their unique workflow requirements.

Powerful Visualizations. An Ever-Expanding Component Library.

The PetroGrid Platform is also an extensible and modular visualization framework. This architecture enables the utilization of new web components and data visualizations as they become available. In addition, this design makes PetroGrid applications scalable and responsive to upstream information delivery requirements.



Data Analysis.

Unlike many other solutions, our platform does not restrict you to pre-defined reports or require special expertise to create/customize new reports. Whether you require dashboards to monitor your production, view the most current data on your wells on report, or conduct a wellbore analysis and review, our PetroGrid Platform provides a powerful visualization framework to accommodate your workflows. Ensuring an intuitive and frictionless user experience is core to our visualization platform design.

Frictionless User Experience.

No manuals, no more training, and designed from the ground up with ease-of-use in mind: All PetroGrid applications have been thoughtfully crafted to be simple and intuitive to enable users to be immediately productive. Accessing your well information has never been this easy.

Mobile-First Design.

With PetroGrid applications, the mobile device experience is not an afterthought. From different device types (e.g. desktop, tablet, smartphone) to different input types (e.g. mouse, touch), PetroGrid applications provide an optimized experience. This ensures that your well information is always at the your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.


At PetroGrid, we believe that performance is key to the success of any information delivery solution. From page load speeds, to database query retrieval speeds, to how quickly a user can move through a specific workflow, there are numerous aspects to performance. PetroGrid solutions are developed to address all those performance challenges. So whether you are a user in the office or in the field, on mobile or desktop, our PetroGrid Platform delivers your well information—fast.